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Violence Prevention Education

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A Nonprofit 501 (c) (3) Organization and Public Charity

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Our Mission:To bring about a reduction in youth violence, and improve the health and safety of children and youth, though education, volunteerism, and teamwork.”

YouthAlert! (YA!) Where Youths and Adults meet HALFWAY
 to Reduce Violence (SM)

Violence Prevention and Healthy Lifestyles

"Protecting the whole youth and nothing but the youth"(c)

YouthAlert! (YA!) Initiatives

YouthAlert! (YA!) Violence Prevention/Health Community Outreach Program

"Teaching Violence Prevention to Youth and Health Lifestyles to Children and Youth"

YouthAlert! (YA!) Model Youth Mentoring Initiative

"Where Youth and Adults Meeting Halfway to Strengthen and Build Mentorships"

YouthAlert! (YA!) Event - A free Public Violence Prevention Event & Forum

"Where Youth and Adults Meet Halfway to Reduce Violence"

YouthAlert! (YA!) Ten Percent Youth Violence Prevention Challenge

"America's National Youth Violence Prevention Challenge"

YouthAlert! (YA!) Initiatives are available nationwide
We target our Programs and Initiatives to youth because in just a short span of ten years, 50 Percent of violence is committed by those ages 14 to 24 nationwide. Homicide is also the number two cause of death of all youth and the number one cause of death among African-American youth in the U.S. The highest violent offenders, and victims, of violence, are youth ages 18 to 24. Our focus in on youth ages 12 to 17 before they reach the most dangerous age of violent offenders and violent victimization