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Violence Prevention Education

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Our YA! Mission: To bring about a substantial reduction in violence through educationvolunteerism, and teamwork.


Our YA! Model: People voluntarily using the power of their unique, personal, individual, one-of-a-kind, identity, while never compromising any of our good, common, fundamental, principles.


Donate Now! Help us make sure that every student and youth gets the educational and mentoring tools they need to live peaceful and healthy lifestyles.

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Time is of the essence for fighting violence in Kentucky. Violent crimes were reported at their highest level ever in the last three years in our great Commonwealth with 35,412 violent offenses in 2013,  36,956 violent offenses in 2012 and 37,467 violent offenses in 2011. In 2013 in Kentucky, Homicide offenses were committed every 34 hours and 54 minutes while in 2010 Murder was committed every 48 hours and 40 minutes. In 2013 in Kentucky Forcible Sexual offenses were committed every 1 hour and 57 minutes while in 2010 in Kentucky Rape was committed every 5 hours and 40 minutes. In 2013 there were 204,733 serious crimes committed in Kentucky. In 2010 there were 121,289 serious crimes in Kentucky. (Source: Kentucky State Police Crime in Kentucky Reports). Nationwide, over 50% of violence acts are not reported to police.

YouthAlert! (YA!) Events


A free Youth Violence Prevention Event & Forum


“Where Youth and Adults Meet HALFWAY to Reduce Violence”


YouthAlert! (YA!) Event is a free SIX HOUR live Youth Violence Prevention Events & ForumIt includes live Youth Violence Prevention Programs, Youth Health Advocates, Guest Speakers, Audience Participation, Videos, Discussion, free Lunch and both Adult and Youth panels discussing ways both Youths and Adults can meet HALFWAY, equally, to reduce all violence. Everyone’s opinion at YouthAlert! (YA!) Event is important. Come, Be Peaceful, and Your Voice will be Heard! YA! is U!


Free Registration:    Official Web Site:


Free Registration!   Free Admission!   Free Door Prizes!   Free Lunch!


Admission is Free and Open to the Public but Seating is Limited.

E-mailed Reservations Receive Priority Seating at then Seating will be on a First Come, First Serve Basis.

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YouthAlert! (YA!) Event, Saturday, April 12, 2014 at Bryan Station High School Lexington, Kentucky
YouthAlert! (YA!) Event, Saturday, April 12, 2014 at Bryan Station High School Lexington, Kentucky

YA! Did Good! Award - Photos

YA! Did Good! Award  - Videos

Anthony Smith       Dr. Timir Banerjee      Judge John Schrader       Christopher 2X      Louisville KY Mayor Greg Fischer

YouthAlert! (YA!) Lunch Party

Public Questions and Comments can be made throughout the entire event through our free smart phone app called YouthAlert on iPhone, IPad &  Android.

There will also be a microphone for Public Questions, Comments and some Speeches at all YouthAlert! (YA!) Events
YouthAlert! (YA!) Event News! (Photos, Videos and Transcripts), will be posted here at
YouthAlert! (YA!) at your High and Middle School! Ask about our YouthAlert! (YA!) Violence Prevention/Health Program.
90 Minute YouthAlert! (YA!) Anti-Bullying Presentation for Elementary/Primary Schools!